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Useful Informations about Tarifa

How to get to Tarifa ?
To help you on the organization of your stay, Addict offers you a list of the best web pages and useful links.

By plane : From all over Europe, you can find some low-cost flights going to Malaga, Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera or Gibraltar (only for UK residents), they are the closest airports.
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These flights are offered by companies like Ryanair, Easyjet, Monarch…for approximately 150€ per person and more or less 2h30 flight from UK. Once you arrive at the airport, you will get the option to rent a car for more or less 20€/day and drive to Tarifa in about 2 hours. Here you get few companies that offer you a rental car service at the best price like : Goldcar, Centauro, Europcar.
You can also get a bus from the airport, for more or less 20€ and 2h30 drive. Have a look at the timetables and prices on Avanzabus and book your itinerary.

By Van or Camping Car : you can also come to Tarifa by van or camping car tough it will be much longer and slower but you will discover some really nice spanish landscape.
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There are lot of campings and parkings at your disposal (attention, July and August can be really busy. Make sure to book your spot in advance).
In Tarifa, you can go everywhere by walking, inside the downtown there is almost no car and it can be sometimes hard to find a place for parking. However, it’s useful to be motorized, the beach where we give the kitesurfing lessons is about 3 km from the center and after your courses it give you the chance to discover new areas of Andalucia.
Learn a bit about the wind that make Tarifa famous.
In Tarifa, the wind is blowing more than 300 days per year, making it one the most famous place in Europe of kitesurfing destinations.
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Is the most frequent in Tarifa, especially during the summer time. When the temperatures are high, is picking up a sea breeze coming from the South-West (from the sea to the land). We consider the Poniente as a thermal wind, rising up around 1pm and dropping at the sunset.

  • Average wind speed : between 12 and 18 knots (1 knot = 1.85 km),
  • Kite size normally used : we are using kite between 14 and 9 Meters,
  • Positives :good conditions to learn and practice, constant wind, small waves on the shore. Don’t stress! With Poniente you will always come back to the shore.

Is a wind coming from the Mediterranean sea and taking his strengh on the strait of Gibraltar, we call it Venturi’s effect (tighter it is, stronger the wind will be). This wind is coming from North-East (from the land to the sea) and can be strong and really strong.

  • Average wind speed : between 20 and 60 knots (1 knot = 1.85 km),
  • Kite size normaly used : we are using kite between 9 and 5 Meters,
  • Positives : good conditions to learn and practice, flat water perfect for the first meters on the board, strong wind during the day. Don’t stress! Incase you get too far from the shore a rescue boat will come for you.

Los Lances
Is the largest beach, is about 4 km long and is part of the National Parc of the strait of Gibraltar, wich makes it a protected area. You can find some beach bars, campings, hotels and especially… kites. Approximately 3 km from the town, there is the kite zone authorized to practice kitesurfing in summer.

Located 7 km from Tarifa, is without doubt the most popular beach. There is something for everyone, beach bars, kitesurf, windsurf, paddlesurf, beach volley… You will discover also the Punta Paloma sand dune, wich will give you a stunning view on Tarifa and the Moroccan coast.

Just opposite to the Mediterranean side. It is perfect to protect you from the strong Levante, during a tanning and swimming afternoon. You can practice some activities like Paddlesurf or Diving around the “Isla de las Palomas”.
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