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Start again where you stopped, with a refresher kiteurfing course in Tarifa

You already done some kitesurfing before but you still need a teacher at your side.
This page is dedicated to everybody who have a past kitesurfing experience and who would like to finish a course started before ( with us or an other school ) or just to improve their technics and refresh their knowledge !
We have separated in one side, students who did not finish a complete kitesurfing course (=> "Start again where I stopped" ) and on the other side, riders who did not practice for a while and need a refreshe (=> "Refresher course").

Curso perfeccionamiento kitesurf, refresher course, cours perfectionnement kitesurf Tarifa

 Semi private kitesurfing refresher course in Tarifa

First meters up during private kiteboarding lesson in Tarifa

You will not start again from scratch!
We give you the opportunity to start again your training, from where you have stop on your last kitesurfing lesson (realized with us or any other kitesurfing school), without starting all again from 0!

In order to evaluate your kitesurfing level (according to our criteria) and visualize the last steps of your learning process, we invite you to have a look at our graphic, before to choose one of our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.

Our learning process graphic
Our courses
Private lessons
Semi private lessons
Group course
The 4 important points, to choose the right kitesurfing lesson
  • Evaluate your level and the learning stage where you are,
  • Choose whether you want to share a kite or not?
  • How many days and hours would you like to do?
  • Choose the kitesurfing lesson which will fit your budget.
Cours et leçons particulier kitesurf Tarifa

We always advice our students looking for a fast and efficient learning process, to choose either private or semi private lessons, in order to enjoy your time at the maximum and to not have to wait on the rest of a group, which could slow you down.

You are looking for a refresher kite lesson and improve your level?
Every year, we see some people arriving to the beach stressed, kind of lost and a bit afraid before to go out for a kitesurfing session. Often due to a lack of practice since their last holidays, bad weather or due to a lack of equipment ... Which makes them lose their confidence and forget some of the knowledge.

With our Refresher kitesurfing lesson, we give you the chance to:
  • Experience the spot of Tarifa, beaches, winds, authorized areas,
  • Get your confidence back with an instructor by your side,
  • Refresh the safety and priority rules,
  • Correct you mistakes (Body position ...)
  • Learn new technics as : up wind, turns, jumps.
Our lessons
Private lesson
Semi private
Start with our refresher kitesurfing course in Tarifa
Special offer:


-------- Private lesson 2 H + Rental 2 Hours = 150 € --------
Special offer: your kiteboarding lessons in Tarifa + accommodation.

This year, we propose you a new section “ Specials Offers”, with 2 new packages, including the rent of a studio or private room + your kitesurfing lessons.

The first package inclued the rent of our freshly reform studio. The studio benefit of a great location, in a quiet area of Tarifa and only at 2 minutes walking distance from:
  • the old town (where you will find restaurants, bars, shops... ),
  • a supermarket,
  • the main beach of Tarifa,
  • our meeting point for the kite lessons.

The studio has all the necessary confort to rest (double bed, sofa bed,) and to prepare yourself a good meal after your kitesurfing lesson. There is also a free Wifi acces, and a big terrace protected from the wind.

Ideal studio for 1 or 2 people, capacity maximum of 4 people.
- Price from 45€/night (depending on the season), service fees and final cleaning included, on the price.

Feel free to contact us in order to received more informations, avaibilities and the right prices for your period.

The second option that we propose you is:

The rent of a private room in a big share house, with one of the kite instructor of the school.

This is a great option is you are traveling by your own and your are looking forward to meet some new people during your holidays, share your kitesurfing experience of the day, live a local experience and don’t spend too much money on your accommodation.

Good atmosphere guaranteed!

It’s a 150 M2 house, fully furnished, (Read more)
- Price from 20€/night (depending on the season), service fees and final cleaning included, on the price.

If you are looking for an hostal in Tarifa:
The pension " Wake up in Tarifa " offers you everything that you are looking for during a weekend or holidays in Tarifa : perfect location (old town), good vibes, cleanliness, good beds and some attractives prices coming together with your kitesurfing course, for an unforgettable holiday...

Video of " Wake up in Tarifa "

--- Price of our package : kitesurfing lessons + Hostal "wake up in Tarifa" ---

Thanks to inform us below (rubric "additional information") if you would like to add some nights or lessons.

Please fill this form to complete a reservation (your request will be accepted depending of the accommodation avaibility)
Now you can rent the equipement and continue your training in autonomy
Contact addict kitesurfing school, kitesurfing rent, alquiler, location materiel kite

At the end of every lesson, we offer you the option to practice the exercices of the day alone by keeping the equipment.

Once you will have finish all your lessons and feel enought confortable to practise completely alone, you could rent all our equipment.

Mon image

For our students the rent of equipments will depend of the instructor's authorization. While you are renting, you will be in charge of the equipment ( broken or lost ) and responsible in case of accident.

Selection of your most common questions
In this FAQ section, Addict try to answer to the most common questions, if you have any others do not hesitate to contact us.
Addict kite school Tarifa
Do I have to bring something special for the lesson?
Do I have to bring equipment ?
I have already done a lesson before but it's the first time for my friend. Which course will be appropriate ?
My son is 10 years old, is he old enought to do a kitesurfing course?
Does special physical conditions are necessary to practice the kitesurf?
How many students are we per course?
Where can I stay during my kitesurfing holidays?

Email : info@addictkiteschool.com
Phone number : 0034 691.288.784
Whats App : 0034 691.288.784

Why to learn with us ?

The instructor with you on the water, it's our commitment
During a refresher kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa, we are one of the few schools to follow you even into the water. This service will make a big diference during your first attempt of watestart.
Every day with the same intructor
We definetly think that your training is an important step in your kitesurfing life. That's why, when one of our student start with a teacher, he will keep the same one every day, to follow each step of your evolution.
Discount on your pre-booking reservation !
To make sure that you can enjoy your kitesurfing holidays at the maximum and benefit of every windy days, we propose attractive prices with special deals if you Pre-book a course.
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